Design it, make it, construct it.

From awesome LEGO designs to building your own den, there is no limit to the things you can build and construct.

For new ideas and how-to instructions, check out these fantastic library books and inspirational websites.

Books to Help You Get Started                   

Super Cool Mechanical Activities with Max Axion

by Tammy Enz

From hovercraft to hydraulics to electric motors, Super Scientist Max Axiom makes hands on engineering projects super cool!

Lego: Awesome Ideas

by Daniel Lipkowitz

Are you ready for the most awesome LEGO building adventure yet? Journey through six incredible worlds bursting with hundreds of new LEGO ideas and building tips!
Make: Making Simple Robots

by Kathy Ceceri

Anybody can build a robot!

Explore cutting-edge robotics with everyday stuff!

Den Building: Creating Imaginative Spaces Using Almost Anything

by Jane Hewitt & Cathy Cross

Building dens is really easy when you know how.  It's a space you can create for yourself, a space for imagination, a space for play and adventure!  Really, a den can be anything that you want it to be....

Lego Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life

by Daniel Lipkowitz

LEGO Play Book proves it. You can build anything with a LEGO brick in your hand. LEGO Play Book contains a collection of all-new building ideas that will inspire you to play with your favourite LEGO models in new and exciting ways.

Recommended Websites                    

5 Free Tree House Plans

by Stacy Fisher at

Realise your backyard real estate dreams with one of these free sets of tree house plans.

by Brickset Ltd

One of the best LEGO databases around. Search current and historical sets, view model plans, brick lists and more.
Nelson Trolley Club

by the Nelson Trolley Club

Find out what it takes to be king of the hill on the Nelson Trolley Club’s website. Photos of the derby, trolley design tips, trolley club history and much more.

by Nathan Thom

Built all your models and can’t think of a new design of your own?  This site allows you to enter the sets you currently own to see which other sets you can build with the bricks you already have. Includes great user-created models.
 logo tinkering nodots 
The Tinkering Studio: Projects

by Exploratorium

Experiments with science, art, technology, and delightful ideas. Ideas for thinking with your hands and learning by doing!