Make It!

Don't be bored, be busy with these fun craft projects.

These books and websites have lots of cool ideas to help you create your own masterpieces.

Crafty Books                                             


The Red Ted art cover
Red Ted art : cute and easy crafts for kids

By Margarita Woodley

Over 60 fun and easy projects to make, using recycled materials and a variety of bits and bobs.

We love to sew: gifts: fun stuff for kids to stitch and share

By Annabel Wrigley

Grab a sewing machine, needle and thread, or a hot glue gun and make some great presents for your friends, family and pets. 

Made with Dad: from wizard's wands to Japanese dolls, craft projects to build, make and do with your kids

By Chris Barnardo

Don't let Dad (or Mum) be bored! This book has lots of crafts to do together. Most of the crafts are made from things you'll find around the house, like old bottle tops.

Make your own zoo: 35 projects for kids using everyday cardboard packaging

By T. A. Radford

Turn a boring cardboard box into a jungle of amazing animals. Make an egg carton penguin or a pride of cardboard tube lions. A great way to recycle and have fun at the same time.


Let's get crafty with salt dough: for kids aged 2 and up

By Terry Benson

Make and paint your own salt dough creations. Create a fairy toadstool, little butterfly, or let your imagination go wild.

Recommended Websites                

Try these websites for more crafts and boredom busting activities.                                                          

Squigly's Arts and Crafts

Fun and easy crafts for kids made from items in your craft cupboard or purchased inexpensively. Great ideas for birthday presents!

Craftbits Kids crafts

Crafts for all ages and skill levels. Painting projects, sewing patterns and recycled kids' crafts. Hours of fun.

Making a Putiputi

By Christchurch City Libraries

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make your own putiputi (flower) using one flax blade. A great group activity.


Cereal Box Monsters

A fun and easy way to use your cereal boxes. Turn a simple box into something colourful and entertaining.


By National Literacy and Numeracy Week (Australia)

Make a trihexaflexagon (folded paper puzzle), print the template and written instructions, or watch the how to video.